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          Re-Spring Information For Spring 2003 Season


             Player’s Name:___Hilary Hall____________________________________


             Player’s Date of Birth:___________________________________________


             Coach’s Name: _Ryan McBryde______________ Team #: MAI-172


             Parent’s Signature:_______________________________________________


             ____________NOT Returning for Spring Season


             ___________WILL Return for Spring Season $__________Amount Enclosed

            (Check or Money Order payable to Maitland Soccer Club is Enclosed)


           _________WILL Return for Spring Season $__________Amount Enclosed

                             (Would Prefer to Change Teams)


             ___________WILL Return for Spring Season

                                                 (Already Registered and Paid)                  


                                                    Re-Spring  Fees


          In-House Program (U5-U7) – Re-Spring-----------------------$25.00


          Boys and Girls in League Play (U8-U15) – Re-Spring-----------$35.00


          Additional Non-Resident Fee----------------------------------- $20.00

          (Applies to all Re-Spring Players not residing in the City of Maitland)


The Club needs a completed Re-Spring Form for each Fall 2002 Season Player, whether the player intends to play in the Spring or not.

PLEASE return this form (with your Check or Money Order payable to Maitland Soccer Club) to your Coach BEFORE November 16th, 2002. 

Please, DO NOT Mail to the Registrar or P.O. Box.  The Coaches are responsible for returning these to the Club.


Thank You!

The Board of Directors

October 10, 2002