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Econ Park Soccer Complex


                                   Econ Park Soccer Complex:  
                                   (East Orange County / Union Park Area)

                                   From Downtown Orlando:
                                   Take Hwy 50 (Colonial) East bound, 
                                   go past Goldenrod Road to Central Park Avenue. 
                                   turn Left (North) on Central Park Avenue.

                                   From Maitland:
                                   Take the Greeneway south to Hwy 50 (Colonial) 
                                   Take Hwy 50 (Colonial) West bound, 
                                   go past N Chickasaw Trail (on left) to Central Park Avenue. 
                                   turn Right (North) on Central Park Avenue .

                                   Go 0.3 miles to Yates Road. 
                                   Turn Right (East) on Yates Road. Go 0.1 miles to Yates Road 
                                   You should be able to see the fields from there.

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