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Here is a great way to work on team defense and forcing players out of the middle of the field.

This is actually a simple game.  The rules are that anytime the attacking team makes a touch of the ball in the box in the defensive half of the field, they get a point.  Looking at the diagram below, if O can touch the ball in the red zone, they get a point.  This encourages the X's to force the O's play the ball wide and to defensively compress the field.  When the X's win the ball, the O's attempt to defend the blue area in this diagram. 

In order to prevent  a team from cheating defensively,  a goal counts as 6 points so from an offensively, it's still in a teams best interests to attack the goal.

Not only does this game work on defense, it also helps prepare a team offensively for when an opponent packs it in defensively.

This is a great way from a coaching standpoint to emphasize one thing (staying compressed defensively) while also working on all of the other aspects of the game

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