Comments for Game #2, 03-05-12

A beautiful day for soccer.  Blue skies, light breeze, temps in the mid 60's going up to the 70's.  
Katy McB played in goal in the first half and Rachel "Superman" handled it in the second.  
The team did a great job, only one goal scored on us, and that was a 'gimme' right in front that they managed to lift high.  
It was good shot and no way to stop it.  We scored two in the first half, both off of Gwen's left foot.  
Way to go Gwen, the left does work!  And well too!!  
We had a number of near misses, and then Kelsey scored in the second half off of a nice give and go to Katy.  
We officially welcomed Mariah, Lauren, and Olivia to the team.  They played well and contributed to a great team effort!  
Reagan played tight 'D' on their leading threat and kept her from shooting.  What flavor of gum was she chewing, Reagan?  ;)   
Finney consistently made great runs to the goal, we'll just have to do a better job of getting the ball to her.  
Alice did a great job of controlling the distribution of the ball and getting us started. 
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