Comments for Game #2, 09-25-04

WOW!!! It's neat to see what happens when the team plays together and "clicks on
all cylnders."
An outstanding effort on both sides of the ball.  Our defense controlled the ball
and the center of the field.  Our goalies, thank you Alyce and Hilary, were in
real danger of getting bored. Maggie, (it's so nice to have you back) did a particularly nice job of communicating with her teammates and seems to have an inexhaustible supply
of energy.  She, Dorie, Lizzy, and Reagan did a superb job of stopping the other teams advances. 
Our midfield kept the ball from going deep into our territory most of the time and
did a great job getting back into the offensive end of the field, which led to a number
of goals. Ellia, Gwen, and Hannah were very solid.  Sara Cooper (Coop) flew all over the field and even took a hard one right in the chops for the team, and was itching to get right back in the game afterwards.
Our offense came alive, with a great contribution from Hannah; 3 goals and 2 assists!
And our newest team member, Sara Finnigan (Finney) once again found the back of the net 
on one of those assists.  I think that she has found a favorite spot on the field,
right in front of the goal, just to the left of the post.  Both of her goals this
season have been scored from almost the exact same spot. Ellia scored one and almost had two more, if not for some excellent play by their goalie.  Gwen got her first one of the season, off of her left foot too! Allie converted a beautiful pass into another goal in the first half!  Katy's runs to the goal on our corner kicks were things of beauty.  Didn't result in a goal, yet! Carson just barely missed a left footed shot in the first half that skipped right across the face of the goal.
Way to go Dominators!
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